Life After Sundown (LP Edition)

by Ghoultown

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This release has been mastered specifically for vinyl playback.

Count Lyle - Vocals & Guitar
Jake Middlefinger - Lead Guitar
Lizard Lazario - Acoustic Guitar, vox
Santi - Bass, vox
Dalton Black - Drums
Randy Grimm - Trumpet, Percussion

Additional Players :
Mark Del Castillo - Acoustic & Lead Guitars on "Life After Sundown"
Mike Zeoli - Percussion on "Life After Sundown"
Clay Powers - Acoustic Guitar on "Cruel Winds of Dusk"
Rob Stave - Fiddle on "Drink With The Living Dead"

Produced & Engineered by Chris Telkes
Assistant Production by Count Lyle & Jack Middlefinger
Recorded at Pro Rehearsal & Recording (Dallas, Tx.)
Mastered by Chris Telkes
Executive Producer - Twoie Wrong
Cover Art by Dan Breneton
All Music & Lyrics by Count Lyle, except...
"Hog Trail" music by Count Lyle & Jack Middlefinger
"Under The Phanton Moon" Lyrics based on a traditional Poem by Omar Barker (1884)

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released September 7, 2016


Jekyll A. Hyde

Catalog Number - DBP-V001



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Devils Brew Productions Columbus, Georgia

We're an independent Record Label that specializes in extremely limited vinyl releases.

Devils Brew is
the hellspawn of
NoSlip Records

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Track Name: Cruel Winds Of Dusk
Track Name: Dead Outlaw
dead outlaw gunslinger stalkin thru the streets
if my neighbors all say I’m a mean-eyed freak
then that’s just what I’ll be
got skeletons in my backyard all hangin from the trees
my house is dark if you step inside
you might think it’s halloween

black guitar slingin dog at the front of the show
if I gotta hang by the neck just to get you off
then come on show me the rope
I ain’t afraid to spit in the wind
I always gotta do or die
you say I don’t fit your rock n roll
well funny thing, I never tried

dead outlaw
born my mother’s only son
dead outlaw
always on the run

I don’t care what you say I gotta do
ain’t gonna change my ways to fit your rules
shoot ya straight from the black of my heart
shoot ya straight from the black of my heart

thirty four years and countin it's always been my way
I got a taste for darkness and I’ll let you know
that you ain't been the first to say
I got a strange way of spendin my time the way I wanna be
hangin round with the walkin dead
cuz the livin ain’t down with me
Track Name: Against A Crooked Sky
Nightfall hit us hard and the darkness complete
we were ridin through the valley of death
we were three men strong from the town of Abilene
the smell of whiskey on our breath

the first man was a con who had cheated all his life
the second was a fiend of no repent
the third man was I who would murder for a price
a trio you could bet was devil sent

we were bound for somewhere new
to steal more lives
riding on the midnight wind
against a crooked sky

as we rode on through, the moonlight crept above
nocturnal eyes watched all around
we never rested once, we had no time to waste
on the wings of greed we were bound

we laughed as we went, all the hell that we'd wrought
on all those who got in our way
not one hour before, we snuffed another life
the blood still fresh upon our blades

the wind came from the west, it whipped from side to side
a cloud of dust erupted to stop us in our tracks
for a moment we were blind from the grit in our eyes
but slowly it cleared as laughter filled the sky

and there before us stood a posse bathed in black
their steeds nothing more than rotted bone
their gaze was all afire and razor whips they cracked
to shred the skin upon our backs

one of them spoke with the gravel in his voice
[your reign of evil is done]
[you may ride a crooked sky but death does too]
[the blood on your hands is your own]

we were bound for somewhere new, condemned to ride
forever in the afterlife against a crooked sky
Track Name: Werewolves On Wheels
Listen up baby
we got something you should know
there’s a riot in the streets
and you are in the show
just tighten up yer jaw
and thicken up yer hide
cuz these rebel outlaws
gonna show you how to ride!

1978 in the year of our lord
we is rebel trash you know
it was a time for feelin right
that’s when we come out to ride
the smell of blood be our guide

let’s creepy crawl through broken jaws
roll them bones out on the lawn
show them all how it feels
to shake the urge we have to kill
we’ll show them all
werewolves on wheels

round the pit
werewolves howl and sing
high on flesh suckin moonshine gasoline
fire our guns cuz we’re proud of bein thugs
there’s nothin like a fine-tuned machine

watch the leather on our backs
burnin down the road
we’re on the hunt for another overload
TNT like a stick of dynamite
who gives a damn if we come out alive
Track Name: I Spit On Your Grave
It’s night and the wind blows
it moves through the trees
sinister and haunting on its way as it creeps

I lie in this dark place
searching myself
for the strength I had before it all came down

and maybe if you were smarter
you would’ve gotten farther
but now you can’t be saved
a sinner will be chosen
his bones will be broken
on this judgment day
I spit on your grave

I’m lost in this limbo
left here to die
in this tarnished veil of scarlet solitude

but nothing can stop me
from bringing my vengeance
down on the men who have done me wrong

it’s night and the graves moan
begging oh lord please forgive me
for what I must do tonight

so one man by one man
I deal retribution
in cruel deserved twist of fate
Track Name: Thunder Over El Paso
Track Name: Find A Good Horse
I heard this as I walked upon on the dusty street
everybody still spittin in my face
I scratched it on the back of another piece of leather
so I could remember what to say

if you give ‘em enough fire they'll burn themselves
if you give ‘em enough rope they'll hang
I remember what the wise man told me
don't ever be afraid to...

find a good horse and ride to the end
and that's just what the hell I'm gonna do
take a chance with every breath
you ain't got nothin else to lose

a man's word is the blade of a knife
words carry weight it’s true
you can't go wrong when a good thing catches on
just take it from The News

if you give ‘em enough fire they'll burn themselves
if you give ‘em enough rope they'll hang
I remember what the wise man told me
don't ever be afraid to...
Track Name: Drink With The Living Dead
I was sittin in The Thirsty Devil
one sheet hung to the wind
when the bat wings doors creaked open
and a stranger sauntered in
he moved his head from side to side
and glared with a sunken eye
I heard the spin of a rusty spur
as he shook off the dreary night

he lowered his hat, checked his gun
and headed toward the bar
walked on up beside me
I knew he'd traveled far
in a voice as thick as mud
he looked to the 'keep and said...
"one shot of whiskey for myself
and one for my new friend"

the patrons whispered hushed and low
they seemed to be afraid
as if a ghost had stood right up
and walked out of its grave
his face was shallow and dirty
his skin like leather hide
sure he spoke like any man
but something wasn't right

so I twisted on my stool
turned to him and said
"thank you sir, but just the same,
I'm chasin worms instead"
he growled and shoved the drink my way
his eyes cold as death
"I pick the drinks, you knock 'em back
else draw against my hand"

when it's six to midnight
and the boney hand of death is nigh
you better drink your drink and shut your mouth
if you draw against his hand, you can never win
go ahead... drink with the living dead

"who the hell do you think you are?"
my patience growin thin
but swallow hard, I had to do,
when the story he began
his lips curled back and words came forth
starting up the tale
and every face inside that bar
turned a shade of pale

"my name is Stanton Cree
and I died three years before
I shot a man to steal his drink
at least that's what they hung me for
now I'm cursed to walk the earth
and challenge every night
a man to match me drink for drink
or by the bullet die"

"now wait a minute, mister,
no one makes me a fool"
I pushed the shot of whiskey
back on over towards the ghoul
"I love a drink like any man
but that's a losin game
to drink or draw against the dead
would only be insane"

Stanton Cree tipped his hat
and laughed a wicked laugh
"you see, the lord cursed my soul
for killin that poor man
there ain't no choice so you must try
to match me shot for shot
if you win, then you'll go free
and I can finally rot"

the barhop nodded slowly
and I knew that I was screwed
if I chose to duel the dead
then I would surely lose
so I took the glass
and threw the shot into my throat
I would match him drink for drink
no matter if I choked

whiskey, tequila, vodka, rum or gin
ain't no man that I can't beat
be him live or dead
so into the morning
I matched him ounce for ounce
til Stanton Cree fell over
and a winner was announced

now he rests in his pine box
and I still walk the streets
but I don't forget the night
when death had chosen me
there ain't no fancy moral
to go with this I fear
unless you aim to kill a man
and drink down his last beer!
Track Name: Hog Trail
When the dogs howl at night
and the moon is full and bright
I feel like drinkin me some wine

down by the creek
where you find all the freaks
it's down to the hog trail tonight

bring yourself a girl
and an ice chest full of Pearl
we're sure to have a hell of a time

if you don't mind some mud
or perhaps a little blood
I think we're really gonna shine

darlin don't run away
just come back right here beside me
let's go down where the moon meets the lake
I know there's this really good place called the hog trail

let's make it a night
it ain't no good to fight
let's just drink some beer and have a good time

maybe if you're good
we'll make it back from these woods
when you see the sun start to rise

all these flies buzzin buzzin
buzzin all these flies
Track Name: Train To Nowhere
I’m on a train to nowhere
I’m on a new road of life
I’m restless and I’m thirsty
hangin on the edge of a knife

cuz all my dreams are over
I see shadows on the moon
bad luck is blowin with the whistle
rollin on down to my doom

flowers don’t wither in the springtime
lord it seems so unreal
I found myself standin over
her body lyin so still

I’m on a train to nowhere
I’m on a new path to hell
I’m cold and I’m tired
listening to her spirit wail

cuz I’m a man lost to sorrow
ridin this rail without rest
love can be so lonely
when it’s all that you have left
Track Name: Under The Phantom Moon
The high hawk knows where the rabbit goes
and the buzzard marks the kill
but few there be with eyes to see
the tall men riding still
we hark in vain on the speeding train
for an echo of hoofbeat thunder
and the yellow wheat is a winding sheet
for cattle trails plowed under

hoofdust flies at the low moon's rise
and the bullbat's lonesome whir
is an echoed note from the longhorn throat,
a steer as it were
inch by inch, time draws the cinch,
till the saddles creak no more
and they the lords of the cattle hordes
shall tally a final score

oh the tall men riding
under the phantom moon
oh the tall men riding
hoofbeats like hammers of doom

this is the song that the night birds sing
as the phantom herds trail by
horn by horn where the long plains throw
flat miles to the sky
and this is the song that the night birds wail
where the Texas plains lie wide
over the dust of a ghostly trail
where the phantom tall men ride

“Under the Phantom Moon” lyrics based on a traditional poem by Omar Barker (b.1894)
Track Name: Life After Sundown

it's life after sundown
in a mexican town
south of the border

when the sun goes down in the southern sky
then you know it's time for us to rise
when the sun goes down
you know we'll load all our rounds
and ride for the place that lives by the gun

cover yourself in black
no color in this world we know
cuz only money is gold and life is cheap

when we come to your town
ike the resurrection of the dead
only the best will live to the end


it's life after sundown
in a mexican town
south of the border